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Heroes of Toil wins Papple Steading Media Prize at QMU

The Papple Steading Media Prize 2024@ QMU [Queen Margaret University] was won by Funke Adetutu, Michele Masiello and Kenny Glenaan who produced three short documentaries entitled “Heroes of Toil”. The films explore the circumstances of three groups of migrant workers who have worked the fields and farms of East Lothian over the past 200 years. In chronological order, the workers came from the Scottish Highlands, Ireland and now currently Eastern Europe. The sensitive and beautifully shot films contain historical information supported by both academic and local narratives.

Papple Steading is very proud to support this initiative at QMU which rewards aspiring undergraduate or postgraduate graduate film makers with a commission to produce a film celebrating the rich agricultural heritage of East Lothian. The works can be seen on YouTube and will feature in the soon-to-be opened Agricultural Heritage Centre at the steading.