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Restoration, restoration, restoration…

Come on, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But our Phase 2 completes in 2024. As part of the Agricultural Heritage Centre we’ll open a library, a completely restored heavy horse stable complete with fittings, harnesses and implements and, for the first time ever at the steading, there’s staircase access to the stunning doocot structure. We’ll have the pigeon boxes…but no pigeons. We did remove 12 tonnes of guano [pigeon poo] so we’d rather invite those birds not to return. And there’ll be a cafe/restaurant and a gallery.

We are so very grateful to all the individuals, families and societies who have given and loaned items and to the rising army of helpers and advisors who are discovering more about the history of this place and it’s people. Must shout out the names of some of the super skilled tradespeople on the project: Malcolm, Alan, Jamie, Colin, Kevin, Fraser, Davy and Sincy. And a mention to East Lothian Antiquarians and Haddington History Society [Joy and Eric, you know we mean you!] for being such an inspiration and mine of historical facts.

We now know that Francis Farquharson designed and built the steading and that our 7 feet 6 inch weather vane was designed and manufactured by the Glasgow-based and world famous firm of W MacFarlane & Co. Papple Convent wasn’t a convent – it’s what remains of the 14th century Papple Hall.

Scaffolding around the doocot
The orginal slate tiles, numbered and safely stored