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Papple Steading welcomes Buck & Birch at Showcasing Scotland 2024

Buck & Birch renowned foragers and purveyors of wild botanical drinks brought their magic to Papple Steading to host a special event at Showcasing Scotland 2024: a celebration of Scotland’s finest food and drink. Foraging, tasting and discovery experiences were all part of this unique culinary experience.

A group of international food and drink procurers arrived in the warm spring sunshine to be greeted with Buck & Birch‘s signature drink: ‘Birch & Tonic’ – a botanical spirit made using birch sap and wild birch flavours. Tom, explained the story behind Buck & Birch’s success and their close partnership with Papple Steading.

A lunch of wild foraged ingredients, prepared by Buck & Birch’s chef Rupert, was served in the Farmhouse kitchen. This included primrose blossom & wild garlic pesto flatbreads served with incredible soup made from Jerusalem artichokes.

The highlight of the event was a guided tour of Papple Wood led by the extraordinary Rupert. His huge knowledge of wild edibles had everyone astonished as they made their way along paths through the snowdrops to the birch trees. As Rupert explained the fascinating process of birch tapping, the group even managed to taste the elusive birch sap, a rare and refreshing delicacy!

Buck and Birch drinks at Showcasing Scotland event
numerous wild edible delicacies

The tour culminated in a delightful stop at the overlook cabin for a decadent pairing of chocolate dipped jelly ear mushrooms with another of Buck & Birch’s signature drinks ‘Aelder’ – a wild spiced elderberry liqueur drink.

The group returned to the Farmhouse kitchen for a last chance to ask Tom and Rupert questions about their botanical beverages and a final sample of their complete drinks range.

Ready to embark on your own foraging adventure or savour the unique flavours of Buck & Birch’s wild botanical drinks?

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