Porsche Taycan event at Papple
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Electrifying Porsche event at Papple

The arrival of seven Porsche Taycans at Papple Steading earlier this year marked a significant moment, not only for us but also for the impending transition towards electric vehicles.

The all-day driving event, meticulously organised by Porsche Edinburgh, commenced with a morning coffee reception, followed by an enlightening introduction to Papple’s rich history. Throughout the day, our partners, Buck & Birch and Seilich, hosted engaging workshops, ranging from crafting wild botanical cocktails (all alcohol-free!) to concocting face and hand wash from locally sourced wildflowers. A delectable wild lunch, skillfully prepared by Buck & Birch, was served in the Farmhouse dining room, allowing guests to savour the flavours of foraged ingredients.

Porsche Taycan event at Papple
Buck and Birch at Porsche event

Our decision to host such an event underscores our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By showcasing Porsche’s electric range, we not only demonstrated our endorsement of green initiatives but also positioned ourselves as a forward-thinking venue aligned with the latest advancements in environmental sustainability.

The collaboration between Porsche Edinburgh and Papple not only provided enthusiasts with a firsthand experience of cutting-edge electric vehicles but also served as a platform to advocate for sustainable driving practices. Papple Steading proved to be the perfect setting for this endeavour.

As we continue our journey towards carbon accreditation and membership of Green Tourism, this event further shows our commitment to environmentally conscious hospitality and event management.

Buck and Birch food at Porsche event
Porsche Taycan event at Papple